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Padma - Square Wooden Coasters

Padma - Square Wooden Coasters

Padma is the Sanskrit name for the Lotus flower, which is not only India's national flower but also holds immense significance in religious Hindu rituals.

Lotus symbolises the goddess of wealth and prosperity- Lakshmi and therefore is a popular motif in traditional Indian folk art. It is auspicious to decorate your home with lotus motifs.

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Indigenous to the eastern Indian states of West Bengal and Odisha, the folk art form of Pattachitra is a reflection of India’s glorious past.

The artists - who are called Patuas - have immortalised religious, mythical, and folklore instances in scrolls of fabric.

They use bright bold natural colours and a distinctive art style that is rooted in rural tradition. In a traditional performance, the Patuas unfurl the scroll as they sing their Pater Gaan and mesmerise the audience as they transport them to a land of myth and legends.

Product Details

Our handcrafted wooden coasters feature the folk art form Pattachitra and are hand painted individually. They are made of pure wood and are completely plastic-free. 

Our products are vegan and pet friendly. They also come in eco-friendly, recyclable, and reusable jute bags. 

We boast a complete range of handmade products. The Pattachitra coasters are crafted by local woodworkers and painted by elite, heritage artisans. They add the perfect touch to your home.

Product Specifications

Dimensions - Length 8.3cm :: Breadth 8.3cm :: Height 0.7cm

Shape - Square

Materials Used - Wood

Inclusions - 2 wooden coasters in Set of 2; 4 wooden coasters in Set of 4; 6 wooden coasters in Set of 6; and 1 Jute Bag

Art Form- Pattachitra folk art from West Bengal

Handle with care

As home decor or to serve tea and snacks to guests, wood coasters can be used in several ways. Follow these care tips to ensure a long life for your wood platters.

  • Clean wood coasters with mild soap and soft cloth or sponge to avoid any scratches
  • Keep coasters away from direct sunlight and always air them
  • Store the coasters in a dry and cool place
  • Never put it in a dishwasher


Our products are individually handcrafted and hand-painted. Therefore, they might not be identical as they are not mass-produced.

The differences in them are not flaws; but evidence that dedicated people have worked on your product with utmost love, care, and sincerity.

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