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our story

From an early age, our parents, true connoisseurs of art and craft, have provided my brother and me with the privilege to visit exhibitions and expos all around the country. This has exposed us to a variety of Indian artwork and handicrafts. One of our favorites was the "Hastshilp Mela" which translates to "The Handicraft Fair". Here professional artisans from small villages across India display their artwork through handicrafts and associated items. The artists are incredibly passionate about their work, the knowledge of which they have been passing down through generations. In the spring of 2022, we got the opportunity of visiting one such fair in our hometown. We were stunned to see the talent that the artists were showcasing through their art. The exquisite details on every single item were astonishing.

One evening, during a family chit-chat following the visit to the fair, we were surprised to learn that the artisans haven't received the due exposure and recognition for their dedication, skills, and contributions in their respective fields. This led us to brainstorm on ways we can build a platform to showcase their tradition and creativity all the while helping them receive the recognition they deserve for the talent that surpasses our comprehension. We started mulling over an idea to create a brand that communities across the globe would appreciate; a channel that would allow people to take a step towards protecting our mother Earth, and towards the upliftment of the underprivileged.

We wanted to build a product that would be simple but unique, functional but artistic, and economical but alluring. We wanted to ensure that the product was associated with peace and calm; a product whose value would be much higher than the sum spent on purchasing it. We chose to create something that would not only have the artistic element to support the artisans but would be eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy for both humans and our planet.

This inspired us to create a brand that would incorporate the tradition, culture, and creativity of exceptional Indian artisans while painting a picture of their story. We pledged to honor India's age-old heritage through its art forms. And, this led to the birth of Alokya!