Our Vision

Alokya is a brand that stands to bring revolution with tradition. At Alokya, we have a vision and that is our calling. It shows us the path to becoming better and bigger.

India is a land of culture and a homeland of innumerable traditional folk and tribal arts that date back more than 3000 years. We vow not only to protect the culture and the artwork but also to unveil to the world the beauty of the Indian subcontinent. We promise to provide a platform to the adept artisans who have been persistently passing their expertise and skills across multiple generations.

We are mindful of our environmental impact while producing each product. We vow to minimize our footprint by making conscious decisions and choosing environment-friendly techniques in our end-to-end supply chain including raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery of our products.

Alokya’s products are Made in India with the goal to bring back the traditional folk art of ancient India and educate the world about India’s cultural heritage. Alokya lives and breathes tradition. We believe sharing our success is the key to our growth. Hence, we vow to give back to the community by contributing a part of our net profits towards the upliftment of society.

D.L. Moody’s words resonate with us, “Our greatest fear should not be of failure, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter”. We took this to heart because we desire to build a brand that gives meaning to our customers. Every single product that Alokya creates for its customers, contributes toward solving a bigger problem.

Keeping this in mind, We distilled our vision into a few core concepts that we want to remember while building Alokya:

  • To join the national voices of Make in India, Support Local Businesses, Empower Women Entrepreneurs, and Environment Protection
  • To educate the masses about the rich tradition and cultural heritage of India
  • To provide the Indian artisans with a platform that enables prodigious exposure at a global level
  • To cater to the sensory needs of our customers with responsibly curated products
  • To use environment friendly techniques including biodegradable and recyclable materials in our end-to-end supply chain including raw materials, manufacturing, packaging, and delivery
  • To give back to our community – 1% of our net profits are donated towards upliftment of our society (e.g., terminating hunger, abolishing poverty, promoting child education)