Terracotta Artisan

Seeing a potter at work gives us a glimpse of our unmissable connection to the earth. Creating a remarkable piece of art out of clay is a sight to behold.

Our potter Sahadeb Pal is from the outskirts of Siliguri, a city in the northern parts of the Indian state of West Bengal. The area he belongs to is distinguished for the population of potters and handicrafters exclusively working with clay and earth. Several artists, like Sahadeb, work independently and have been doing so for generations.

Sahadeb Pal

Sahadeb has been working with clay all his life. He was taught by his father and is the fourth generation potter in his family. He has embraced modernity and prefers his efficient electronic tools over the traditional potter wheel from his childhood. He is solely reliant on his handiwork to support his family, and believes his skills will never abandon him.

He specialises in everything Terracotta and exclusively works from his backyard. From using locally sourced clay to reusing and recycling his products, Sahadeb is a natural environmentalist. Apart from having remarkable skills, Sahadeb can be described as a gem of a person. He takes immense pride in his elegant artwork. Creating art provides him with great joy. Through this collaboration he wishes to make Terracotta popular again, as a bid to be more eco-friendly and sustainable.


Terracotta - A Piece of Earth