Our Mission

To showcase the rich cultural heritage of India through the country’s myriad art forms that are flaunted on an artisanal range of planet-friendly handcrafted products by the Indian artisans with utmost dedication, love, and care.

“A dream will remain a dream unless we are constantly taking steps to make it a reality.”

Generally, every human, every thought, every idea, is born with a mission. A mission to do something, which can be either trivial or phenomenal; one that could change the way of life. Similarly, Alokya was born with a mission as well; a mission to do good to the planet, to humanity, and to life.

But how were we supposed to do it?

Being inspired by the folk artists of India, Alokya has deep-rooted Indian values. Alokya aims to incorporate the tradition and cultural heritage of India through diverse art forms native to the country. The brand commits to providing exposure to stellar artisans for their innate abilities; ones who have cascaded their skills and expertise through generations. We vow to provide the artists a platform that allows them to paint their stories through their art. We want to educate the masses about the epic history of India through the art forms. Alokya aims to be constantly dedicated to India’s growth and that of its people.

In addition, we understand the need of the hour and strive to be a sustainable brand. We have ensured that all our products from production to packaging are made with environmentally friendly materials that are good and easy on every single creature on the planet.

Lastly, we at Alokya, promise to constantly understand the needs of the people, to care about our impact on the surroundings, and take incremental steps to make life on Earth better. We know that we are neither perfect nor seeking perfection, however, we want to make as much difference as possible by doing the little that we can.