Where to Buy Cheap Home Decor Items Online | Alokya

Where to Buy Cheap Home Decor Items Online | Alokya

Decorating a home can be a tedious task. Not only because of finding the right decor pieces but also to finalize the place to get the pieces of your choice. 

Should you go to a physical store? Or should you head over to online stores? Get a customized one or make something on your own? No matter what questions you have, all your doubts and queries will be solved at Alokya. Cheap products? We have it! Home decor items? That's our speciality. 

But, why choose Alokya when there are a bunch of brands selling cheap home decor items online? The answer lies in our uniqueness. One by one let me tell you all the qualities and reasons that make Alokya stand out. 

Handmade Pieces

The beauty of our collection lies in them being handmade. Not one, not two, but every piece has been thoughtfully crafted by skilled artisans. 

Potter holding Alokya's terracotta candle jar

Being handmade, each one of them is unique in their own way. They might not be perfect, but they have their own story to narrate. 

Promoting Local Artisans

Rather than mass-producing products using machines, we handcraft our pieces. But, who are the people who are actually giving shape and life to these pieces? All the beauty and magic in our products come from none other than rural artisans of India. 

Pattachitra artist/ Patua Painting

We collaborate with the local artisans giving them a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Plastic Free

One of the worries that we all hold is how to get rid of plastics. Not able to find a solution, we end up having a plastic bag full of plastic bags. If you also face the same issue, using our products will bring it to an end. 

Alokya's sustainable jute bag packaging

From jute bags to wooden boxes, we make not only our products but also packaging plastic-free. 

(Whispers) And we don't even use Sellotape. You will find our products protected with shredded paper and sealed with paper tape. 

So, if you know how to handmake papers, use all the papers that come in our package.

Eco- Friendly

Alokya not only gives a platform to rural artisans to showcase their work, but it also promotes eco-friendly practices. Whether it is the materials used for curating products or packages, each of them is eco-friendly, making your purchase worth every penny. 

Alokya's terracotta jar candles being used as a planter and a pen stand

Moreover, every piece in our collection is reusable in one way or the other, making the pieces last longer and forever! Alokya is on a mission to not only give your space a new feel but also promote local artisans and sustainable practices. 

Get to know more about the story of Alokya, the magical hands behind our pieces, and lastly don't forget to check out our handcrafted goodies.
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