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Article: Is Your Home Missing These 3 Small Home Décor Items?

Is Your Home Missing These 3 Small Home Décor Items?

Is Your Home Missing These 3 Small Home Décor Items?

Decorating your home or at least your personal space is something that most people share in common. And, fortunately, you don't need to be an interior designer to give your space the feel you want. Just like how most folks out there share this dream of decorating their space, they also share one more thing in common. Can you guess what? That's a question of “How to actually decorate the house?”

Should you take little steps? Or change the look of your house completely? Or should you opt for big decor pieces or little cute ones? Handmade or artificial? Too many questions, isn't it? But don't worry! We are here to provide solutions to all your problems. So, sit back and check out our top 3 choices to decorate your home. 

But, before we dig into the list of items, let me tell you- all these pieces are handmade and small yet have their own luxurious feel. So, let's get moving!

Handmade Scented Candles

First on the list that we have are Handmade Scented Candles. But! But, can scented candles be part of home decoration? 

Alokya's scented candles as vibrant decorations in daylight


Well, decorating a home isn't about changing the look but also the feel of your home. And, what can be a better option than scented candles when it comes to giving your home and personal space a new feel? However, the scented candles we are talking about are a bit different. In every part of the candle, you will feel the earthy essence, given the fact that everything from jars to wax is made from eco-friendly material.

Alokya's soy wax candle


The candle jars have been made using terracotta clay while natural soy wax has been used making your candle moment toxin-free. 

Alokya's candle with dust covers

Moreover, to top up the beauty of handcrafted scented candles, they come with seed paper dust covers. So, along with the aromas you also get your own plant friend.

There are more secrets to these candles. They are more than just wicks and wax lighting up your space.

Calm your curiosity and know what makes handmade scented candles more than just candles. And, once they have stolen your heart, take a look at candle options in our collection.

Wooden Coasters

What can coasters do other than uplifting your tea and coffee sessions? Can coasters be used as small home décor items? Ever thought about that? If not, why not?

If you have never used coasters as home décor items, then start doing so. And, our handcrafted wooden coasters will help you out.

Alokya's wooden coasters

 From the dining table to the work desk, our handcrafted wooden coasters will entirely change the look and feel of your space. Furthermore, just like scented candles, our wooden coasters also have some secrets. Ready to unfold it?

The wooden coasters in our collection are handcrafted by rural artisans of India, who never fail to amaze us with their craftsmanship. 

pattachitra painted wooden coasters

Each coaster piece has a Pattachitra motif hand painted on it which is also done by our artisans. Every painting on the coasters has its own story.

So, next time you pick up your teacup or coffee mug, let these coasters tell their stories to you while the flavours tickle your buds. 

Bamboo Boxes

Boxes? How come the list of small home decor items ended up with a box? Are you also wondering the same? If yes, then take a breath and let me tell you how Bamboo Boxes can be a great home décor piece. 

Alokya's woven bamboo box

But, before we start, let me ask you something. Are you also the one who struggles to find the right container to store fruits and snacks? If you ended up saying “Yes!” then that's the only reason you need to have Bamboo Boxes as your home décor. Moreover, since they are made up of bamboo strips, you don't have to worry about them breaking.

Alokya's woven bamboo box

But, there's more to it! If you need a container to give your neighbours some goodies or the snacks that you made, you now know what to use. 


Wrapping it up, the handcrafted goodies that we came up with to give your space a new feel can be more than just a décor piece. From using candles for relaxation to motivation, coasters to uplift tea sessions or use as centrepieces and; using bamboo boxes from hiding snacks to giving snacks, the uses are endless. 

Bring home these handcrafted small home decor items and give your space a much-needed change.

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