4 Insane Home Decor Ideas Using Candle Jar

4 Insane Home Decor Ideas Using Candle Jar

Decorating your home or just your personal space gives a satisfaction that nothing else can beat. When one by one things start to look like how you planned hits differently, making you go “I did that”.

But, before you pat your back for the finished look, your mind gets crazy finding the home decor ideas and inspos to reorganize your space. Not gonna lie, the deal is real! 

We are here not to spice up your struggles, but rather to find a solution for it. 

What are your thoughts on a candle that can be used in ways other than candlelight dinner? Well, candlelight dinner is something we all want, alone, with friends, partners or even family. But still, what if you could use it in other ways as well? 

Don't need to go HuH? because the candles that we have brought to you will answer everything for you. 

The candles that will completely change your home decor process are our Handcrafted Scented Candles.

The candles are handmade by local artisans using eco-friendly materials, giving you an extra touch of nature, art and culture in every piece you take. 

Candle Light Moments

Candlelight moments hold their own significance. Sharing memories to create one, adding a touch of candlelight sprinkles a charm that you can never think of. 

Alokya's scented candles lit in dim light


Whether you are having a get-together with your family or having a lovely moment with your partner. Whether it is to celebrate a birthday or add a uniqueness to the dinner table. Light up the scented candles and feel it fill the space with soothing aromas.

Sweet Bite Holder

Are you among those who crave something sweet while working? Then make let candle jars treasure your candies for you.

Wash off the jars once you have used the candle. Fill it up with your favourite sweet bites and cover it with candle snuffers. And voila! You have got your sweet bite holder ready. 

Add a twist to it. Place it in the living room so whenever you come back home, you will be welcomed with sweetness. 

Plant Pot

Nothing can go wrong with having plants in your home.

Need someone to talk to? Talk to plants. Need to cope with loneliness away from home? Have a plant. Need to feel closer to nature while staying in an apartment surrounded by huge buildings? Have a plant! 

But, when it comes to pots, both pockets and space feel small. Pots can be expensive. And what if your space isn't big enough?

Alokya's terracotta jar candle used as a planter

Let our candle jars take over the situation. Sow the seeds in it and shower it with water, sunlight and of course love and care.

Alokya's seed paper dust cover


However, if you are worried about seeds. Then you are lucky to stumble upon our candles, as they come with seed paper dust covers. See? You neither have to buy the pot nor the seeds.


Our handcrafted scented candles aren't just plain jars filled with wax and wicks. They are not only made but also hand-painted by the local artists.

Alokya's candle collection showcasing pattachitra painting


Painted? Yes! Each candle jar has a Pattachitra painting painted on it. With the vibrant colours and intricate brush strokes, everything has a story to tell. All you have to do is sit back and let it bless your heart with stories of Indian heritage. 

We promote eco-friendly practices and encourage reusing products, and that's the reason we use our Handmade scented candles for more than just lighting up the space. 

Take a look around our Handmade Scented Candles and let your mind come up with another list of insane home decor ideas using candle jars. 

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