Preserving Heritage: The Beauty of Pattachitra Art on Alokya's Candles and Coasters

Preserving Heritage: The Beauty of Pattachitra Art on Alokya's Candles and Coasters

Pattachitra, a cloth-based scroll painting, has found a new canvas for its vibrant narratives – Alokya's candles and coasters. This artistic fusion not only preserves a rich cultural legacy but also brings the enchanting stories of Eastern India to the forefront of modern aesthetics.

The Tale of Pattachitra: A Journey Through Time and Culture

Originating in the eastern Indian states of Odisha, West Bengal, and parts of Bangladesh, Pattachitra is a marvel that transcends time. Its name, "Patta" meaning "cloth," and "Chitra," meaning "painting" in Sanskrit, aptly describes its essence. This art form is more than just visuals; it's a fusion of visual and audible artistry. Its roots date back centuries when it was initially created for ritual purposes and as souvenirs for pilgrims visiting holy sites.

The heart of Pattachitra lies in its intricate details and mythological narratives that unfold on the canvas. Stories from Hindu mythology, particularly those from the Ramayana and Mahabharata, are depicted with a precision that only a master can achieve. Every stroke carries the weight of tradition, as the artwork is painted freehand with remarkable precision.

Meet the Artisans: Monirul Chitrakar and Laltu Chitrakar

In the village of Pingla in West Bengal's Paschim Medinipur district, Pattachitra's legacy lives on through Monirul Chitrakar's and Laltu Chitrakar's skilled hands. Monirul, an eighth-generation heritage Pattachitra artist, grew up surrounded by the art form. Inspired by his family's artistic lineage, he embarked on his artistic journey after his eighth standard in school. His passion was a flame that couldn't be extinguished.

The village of Pingla is a living canvas, as every wall is adorned with Pattachitra features. Generational artists with the Chitrakar surname proudly call this village home. Monirul and Laltu are shining stars within this constellation of talent. Their artistry has been exhibited across the nation and featured in renowned museums. Monirul's work even found its place in initiatives by Kolkata Airport and Mumbai's International Airport, showcasing the beauty of indigenous Indian art to the world.

A Community of Collaboration: Thriving through Kinship

What sets Pingla's artists apart is their spirit of collaboration over competition. Rather than vie against each other, they work in harmony, representing their shared heritage. This unity has allowed Pattachitra to flourish, evolve, and adapt to the changing times. This collective dedication to art mirrors the ethos of Pattachitra itself – a merging of narratives, a confluence of skills, and a shared journey.

Pattachitra's Undying Flame: A Living Chronicle

West Bengal is celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, and within this tapestry of traditions lies the intricate art form of Pattachitra. Beyond its breathtaking visuals, Pattachitra captures stories through the ages. The artists, or "Patuas," use vivid colors to paint scrolls that tell tales from mythology and religion. However, the true magic lies in the "Pater Gaan," the narrative song accompanying the unfurling of the painted scroll. It's an oral tradition that adds depth to the visual art, creating an immersive experience.

For generations, the artisans have embraced the surname "Chitrakar," signifying their artistic lineage. 

These generational artists reside in heritage artist villages, maintaining the flame of their ancestors' creativity. The stories depicted in Pattachitra have transformed over time, blending historical tales with contemporary issues, becoming a living chronicle of the people's voices.

Alokya's Illumination: Fusing Tradition with Modernity

Alokya, a beacon of innovation, has embraced Pattachitra's essence to create an enchanting fusion. By adorning their candles and coasters with this intricate art, Alokya celebrates tradition and transforms it into contemporary artifacts. The stories whispered through generations find a new medium to resonate with a modern audience.

Pattachitra symbolizes endurance, a reminder that the past is a treasure trove of wisdom. With Monirul Chitrakar, Laltu Chitrakar, and countless other artisans, Pattachitra lives on, creating a bridge between eras and cultures. Alokya's collaboration with Pattachitra doesn't just craft candles and coasters; it weaves a narrative thread that connects us to the beauty of our heritage.

As we embrace these artifacts in our everyday lives, we partake in a timeless journey that merges the legacy of Pattachitra with the innovation of Alokya. It's a dance of colors, a symphony of stories, and a celebration of the art that defines us.

Let us take a moment to look back, to appreciate the artistry that has shaped us, and to honor the hands that have preserved our heritage through the ages.

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