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Indian Bamboo Crafts: Guide 101

The softness of textiles, the vibrant hues of paintings, the shine of carvings, the intricacy of weaving, and several other art and crafts forms have been in Indian culture for ages. From being part of daily life and a medium to be lost in the divine flow of tales, to being a way to preserve and share tradition, art and crafts across India has taken various shapes. 

With tens and hundreds of art forms, from solid stones to delicate strips, numerous components of nature have given birth to numerous art forms. Among these distinct art and craft forms lies one of the oldest art forms of India- Bamboo Crafts, where long and flat bamboo strips transform into masterpieces. 

Introduction to Bamboo Craft

The history of Bamboo craft in India dates back centuries, treasuring lifestyle, tradition and culture. Back in the day, Bamboo crafts weren't just a luxury or an art item, but rather a part of their lives.  With a wide tribal settlement in ancient India, Bamboo craft was used to aid their day-to-day activities.

From being part of daily necessities like baskets and mats to being an accessory like decorative pieces, Bamboo Crafts has seen drastic modifications in the art to cater to today's modern lifestyle. 

Each state and region of India has its unique techniques to give a personal touch to Bamboo Craft, but, what remains common in every piece is the tradition and creativity of Indian artisans. 

Types of Bamboo Crafts

Artistry captured in every strip of Bamboo crafts has stretched its reach all across India. The versatility of Bamboo crafts is never-ending, not just to fulfil the day-to-day necessities but also to give a natural and creative look to personal space. 

In admiration of the intricate art of Bamboo Handicrafts, let’s take a glance at different types of Bamboo Crafts that you will see around. 

Bamboo Baskets

Tokri or Daliya (basket) filled with fruits during festivals and the giggles of children can never be erased from the minds of Indians. 

Bamboo baskets and containers are not new to Indian households. From being a special piece during festivals to being part of daily activities, Bamboo baskets are both functional and artistic. 

Bamboo Mats and Rugs

Lying under the warm sun and getting lost in the mystical hues of the bright sky, mats and rugs have a special place in the Indian hearts. 

Bamboo strings weaved together to give a natural and rustic look to flooring and link us to the rural life and tradition of India. 

Bamboo Home Decor

Bamboo crafts have not only taken shape to meet our daily necessities but also to add an elegant and natural touch to our personal space. 

And, what can give a personal touch to your space other than your precious and lovely home decor items? 

Bamboo strips are intricately intertwined to make wall hangings, lamps, vases and even storage boxes showcasing the beauty of art and skills. 

Bamboo Toys

When Bamboo crafts are linked with home and family, how can we leave behind the special members of the family- children? 

Bamboo crafts aren't limited to big items like furniture and decor but also give unique items to play with. 

Dolls, puzzles, figurines and many more different toys for children are made from sturdy and eco-friendly bamboo. 

Bamboo Utensils

Ceramic, glass, metal and even paper, utensils like plates, bowls and cutlery are made from various materials. But, what gives utensils a lightweight, durable and biodegradable feature is the Bamboo. 

From restaurants and personal use to picnics and camping, Bamboo utensils have become a sustainable alternative to plastic and metal. 

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