candle care tips you must know before using scented candles | Scented Candle care guide

Don't Use Scented Candles Before Knowing These 4 Tips | Scented Candle Guide

Scented candles are taking over the market. From being the perfect gift option to making you feel relaxed, people are using scented candles for a number of reasons. 

As good as it is while using scented candles, it can also become extremely dangerous if not taken care of. 

Whether you have received scented candles as a gift or are planning to use them to get relief from the long, hectic day, it is crucial that you follow the safety rules so you get the best experience out of it. 

Following are some of the tips that you need to follow while using scented candles. 

Never Leave Candles Unattended

While scented candles give you the best aromatic experience possible, it is important that they are not left unattended in order to fill your space with aromas. 

It can't be ignored that candles burn with flames, which without a doubt is dangerous. Always make sure to extinguish the candles when not in use or if you are not in that room. 

Keep Candles Away From Flammable Materials

Being around candles when they are in use is important. But that's not all. Even if you are near, there is always a possibility that the objects around you may catch fire because of the flames. 

So, before you light up a candle, make sure there are no flammable objects around the candle. 

Trim Wicks Regularly

Now that you have kept all the flammable objects away from your scented candles, it is time to use the candles. 

But, wait! You can't just light up the candles like that. Every time you use the candles, make sure the wicks are not too long. 

If it is, always cut approximately ¾ of the wicks to prevent excessive smoke and soot from building up. 

Use Candle Holders

Now that you have lightened the candles and the sweet aromas are warming you up, you will find the wax melting. 

But where is it going? Is it spilling on your desk, tabletop, or the counter where you have placed your candles? 

When you use scented candles, always make sure to use a candle holder to prevent wax from melting on the counter surface. 

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