5 Secrets to Incorporating Sustainable Home Decor in Your Living Space

5 Secrets to Incorporating Sustainable Home Decor in Your Living Space

Sustainability has gotten quite a bit of attention in the past few years. Is it really something that needs to be followed just because the living conditions are getting worse and worse? 

If we look at the core of sustainability, it has always been part of our lives, at least in some communities. Without their knowledge, sustainable practices have always been part of their lifestyle. 

Given the example of an Indian household, reusing snack containers and juice bottles is not rare. Having a balcony full of pots or an entire backyard to grow vegetables, sustainability has been a part of Indian culture for ages. 

And if you too have turned your steps towards sustainability, whether it is to have a healthy lifestyle or a healthy living environment, here you will get all the help you need. 

But where to start? Should you stop using cars and commute by bicycle? Well, let's take it slow and start with your home. To bring about a sustainable change in your lifestyle, you can start by making your space sustainable.

However, when it comes to sustainable home decor, the choices are endless. But, in the end, it all depends on how you apply it in your home. 

Here are some home decor tips that you can apply to make your home not only sustainable but also beautiful. 

Using Natural and Recycled Materials

Recycling is key to sustainability. Reusing things again and again puts a lesser burden on the environment. Instead of using plastic containers for storage, use something that is made from natural materials like bamboo, wood, or similar things. 

Or if you are looking for a decor item, instead of buying something that cannot be recycled, make something on your own. Use the newspapers to make some DIY decor items. Or turn the jars and bottles into vases. 

And if you are looking for a storage piece that is curated using natural materials, then these bamboo boxes will be a blessing for you. 

Indoor Plants

Why wait to walk to the garden to feel the touch of nature when you can have your own little garden in your home? A perfect solution when you crave the embrace of nature. Just step into your backyard, and you have got it—your little green heaven. 

But what if you don't have a house but an apartment where having a backyard is not even an option? 

Well well! No worries! What if you don't have a backyard? You have a balcony, and that's all you need. If not the entire balcony, make a corner dedicated to little plants. Grow all your favourite flowers, or even small vegetables, in your little corner. 

You can also have a little pot at your work or workspace in your home. Succulents can be a great choice, as they are low-maintenance and take up little space.

If you are not sure what plants to have in your space, then our candles will help you out. 

How can candles be helpful when you need a plant? Wondering the same? 

Well, our Scented Candles come with dust covers that are infused with seeds, which you can plant to have your own little green friend. 

And, guess what? You don't even have to buy a plant pot. The candle jars are made out of clay, which can be reused as plant pots as well. 


Repurposing things you already own is a key factor in sustainable living. 

You might have things that may or may not be made out of sustainable materials. 

But, rather than throwing away all plastic containers, consider repurposing them. Turn it into pots or pen stands; you can do anything you want. 

However, if you are thinking of filling up your home with sustainable goodies, then you can start small. 

The scented candles can give your space a new feel, while wooden coasters can be used to bring an eco-touch to your tea sessions. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for more than just decor items, then these bamboo boxes are all you need. 

From packing gifts to keeping your treasures, with bamboo boxes, you can not only bring a sustainable touch to your home but also share it with your loved ones. 

Using Zero-Waste Products

Having a sustainable lifestyle doesn't mean just having sustainable pieces in your life. Sustainability is primarily associated with waste reduction. 

While installing sustainable pieces, you are increasing waste production. Is that really sustainable living? 

To have a sustainable lifestyle, it is important to ensure there is less waste production. 

So, how to do that? 

There are two options you can choose from:

Either go for products that have less packaging or go for products that use eco-friendly or recyclable packaging.

Alokya - 100% natural, soy wax scented candles handpoured in Pattachitra painted terracotta jars.Alokya - 100% natural, soy wax scented candles handpoured in Pattachitra painted terracotta jars.

We don't just promote sustainability; rather, we help folks make their lifestyle sustainable.

Whether it is candles, coasters, boxes, or anything else, all the pieces are packaged using eco-friendly materials like shredded paper, jute bags, and wooden boxes.

Support Local Products

Imported or mass-produced products are comparatively cheaper than handcrafted products. 

But what people forget is that mass production and importing increase carbon footprints, which contributes nothing to sustainable living. 

Alokya Artisans

Using local products not only helps the artisans or local businesses but also contributes to a sustainable lifestyle as the products are created using locally sourced materials. 

Transforming your lifestyle into a sustainable lifestyle is an exciting path to take.

However, you need to remember that these chances are not sudden, and things should not be done abruptly. 

You can take little steps and bring sustainable changes into your life little by little. 

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