4 ways to use handwoven bamboo utility box

4 Ways to Use Handwoven Bamboo Boxes | Alokya

Bamboo boxes, one of the handcrafted creations that you will see in our collection, are a testament to our artisans' craftsmanship. Delicately woven bamboo stripes and vibrant brushstrokes narrating folk tales through Pattachitra motifs add another charm to the pieces. 

But that's not all. We don't just make products, but rather pieces that are not only functional but also stay with you longer. 

When you bring home our handcrafted bamboo boxes, there are numerous ways you can use them. From giving treasures to loved ones to keeping your own treasures safe, 

Check out more ways you can use our bamboo boxes.

Gift Box

Giving gifts can never go outdated. Whether it is for birthdays, anniversaries, or you just want to make the day special for someone, gifts are everywhere.

While finding the right gift is not an issue, what overwhelms is the packaging. Should you wrap it with wrapping paper? Or should you just use the bag you got while buying the gift?

When both the occasion and the gift are special, you can't ignore the need to make the packaging special as well. 

Festive Boxes

What's a common thing that you share during the festive season? Gifts, memories, and, of course, lots of food and snacks. 

For most households, Tupperware is a go-to option for sharing snacks with neighbours, family, and friends. But when the feeling of losing your favourite Tupperware haunts you, you become sceptical. 

Not with our bamboo boxes, though! With the hand-woven bamboo boxes, you will give them a taste of your cooking skills and a touch of artistry that they can treasure forever. 


Do you always find yourself struggling to keep your desk organized? Rumbling through drawers and desks for that one pen is frustrating. 

And organising desks doesn't last long. You arrange all your pens, and the next moment they are lost. 

Not anymore! With these handcrafted little bamboo boxes, you can not only keep your desk organised but also keep your jewellery secured in one place. 

Home Decor

Decorating homes is one of the common things that people share around the globe. Whether it is to decorate the entire home or give a personal touch to a personal space, we love doing it. 

And adding an art piece to your home decor collection is something we can't miss. 

But we have got something more than just an art piece. The handwoven bamboo boxes can be used as organisers, and the pattachitra motif hand-painted on each box adds an artistic charm to your space. 

The hand-woven bamboo boxes in the Alokya collection are more than just a decor piece. From being a storage option to a perfect choice for packing gifts, bamboo boxes have spread their charm everywhere. 

We have compiled our handpicked and favourite ways to use the bamboo boxes so that they become a member of your home decor collection. 

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